Your Custom Video Bento

A Japanese bento box consists of a main course and side dishes perfectly packaged into one delicious meal. 

Similarly, a Video Bento consists of a primary video and secondary edits that work together to produce lots of tasty results.

1. Discovery

2. Strategy

3. Video

4. Optimisation

1. Discovery

Each Video Bento starts with a discovery of your business and marketing problems. By understanding the bigger picture, we can propose solutions that work beyond project silos, and align elegantly with your company vision.

2. Strategy

Then, we form a strategy. We think about what your customer needs to know, how we should tell it to them, and when they need to know it. This strategy is the foundation of our video campaign. We ensure every video works together seamlessly to tell a compelling and consistent story that unfolds throughout your customer journey.

3. Videos

Finally, we'll get to work creating your videos. The first video takes the most time and effort as we need to nail down the style for the script, illustration and animation. After that, it gets easier and faster because we know your preferences, and your working style.

Click here to learn more about our video making process.

4. Optimisation

As your video partner, we'll also work with you on optimisation. We'll create alternate calls to action (so you can test things like the effectiveness of one promotion versus another). We’ll also ensure your videos tell a consistent message throughout your customer journey and that it lines up perfectly with your business direction.

In short, we’ll distil your complex business into videos that say the right thing, at the right time, so that your customers just get it.

Video Bento vs Standalone Videos

We started making Video Bentos because we wanted to help our clients get more impact from their video marketing.

While standalone videos are great, we’ve found that we can help our clients see greater success by working with them to create videos for their entire customer journey and marketing funnel.

As a comprehensive campaign, our videos become more relevant, effective and powerful.

One video breadcrumb at a time, we bring your target audience on a journey to becoming loyal customers. 

It’s hard to do all that with a single video.

Take the first step in your Video Bento journey.