Work With Us.

Create animated videos you can be proud of.

Video Bento makes custom animated videos packages.

We strategise and make videos for every touch point in our clients' consumer journeys. To give their customers a cohesive brand experience. 

We're made out of ex-advertising agency folk looking to work more intimately and effectively with our clients. 

Our clients are marketing teams ranging from startups to corporations who understand the tremendous boost video marketing can give to their brand, and are prepared to get serious with it.

We work remotely.

We’re a 100% remote working company, and our talented team is based all over the world.

​Free-range creatives

Nobody likes working in a cramped, dingy studio. We believe happy, independent creatives = better work for our clients.

Work where you like, whenever you like. All that matters is that the work is done on time and you’re easy to reach.

Borderless Partnerships

No matter where you live, our business is setup to work online and seamlessly with you. 

We Work With Heart.

For us, the heart of great work comes from three things – pride, great communication, and balancing work with life.



We take great pride in our work, and love working with people who feel the same way.

Creating a video is a team effort. And when we know that every member takes pride in their work, we can be confident that the final product will actually be great.


Great Communication

We’ve found that listening well, and being open, honest and kind builds trust within the team and with our clients.

When in doubt, we always assume goodwill. We’re based all over the world, and there can be cultural, timezone and communication differences. By assuming that the person on the other end means well, it makes it easy for us to open up, clarify miscommunications and overcome problems.


Life Balance

It's hard to do a great job when you're exhausted and unhappy. By giving our team room to grow and space to think, we're able to do better work.

Open positions

Freelance Illustrators

Freelance Animators