Video Bento creates animated videos to help SaaS businesses with their marketing and sales.

We Work With Heart. 

For us, the heart of great work comes from three things – pride, great communication, and balancing work with life.


We take great pride in our work, and love working with clients who feel the same way. 

Great Communication

We’ve found that listening well, and being open, honest and kind builds trust within the team and with our clients.

​We Work Remotely.

We’re a 100% remote working company, and our talented team is based all over the world. 

Borderless Partnerships

No matter where you live, our business is set up to work online and seamlessly with you. 

Lower Costs For Us = Lower Costs For Our Clients

We don't have rent or electricity bills, so there are no unnecessary markups for you. You'll get great videos at a reasonable price.

Meet the top bentos

Lesley Sim, CEO

Video Bento is founded by Lesley.

Lesley is a veteran advertiser and digital marketer based in Singapore. In her past life, she’s produced successful TV commercials for clients including Subway and Nescafe.

She created Video Bento to marry her two loves – producing creative videos and effective digital marketing.

Her favourite animated movie is The Emperor’s New Groove.

You can read her writing on Medium, where she shares the occasional book review and travel experience.

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